Sunday, April 28, 2002

Want to climb a tree?

I have not used it in a while but I know I will. I am referring to the pick-up line. Every guy and girl should have one. I know one future night when I have imbibed too much firewater I will try a couple of my surefire lines to surreptitiously imply ... something - I'm not sure what. What would I be implying? That I would like to engage in sexual congress with you? We just met. Maybe we can exchange numbers?

My top five pick-up lines:
1) Want to go climb a tree. (Aww)
2) Want to play on my wiffleball team. (Sure that might be fun)
3) My cat's name is Frisky Whiskers. (Weirdo)
4) Your eyes sparkle like hot embers that flitter and fall from the flames of the pits of Hell. (So close)
5) I have a penis with your name written all over it. (Slap!)