Saturday, May 04, 2002

Dream commentary

In many of the dreams that I feel content and happy are those that I receive a hug. Not the ordinary friendly hugs, family hugs, or the type that people engage in during celebratory occasions, but the type that I may find release from my tensions and trappings. The hug, there must be some more suitable utterance than this monosyllable three letter variety. To press tightly about the arms and neck, to squeeze so hard that one may feel its presence long after the act. This word and act is pregnant with my salvation and the giver my savior.

I remember my little Shanna bird. In her hugs I felt love, I felt loved. She would scamper towards me with love in her eyes and wrap her arms so tight about my neck that it was physically impossible for our hearts to be any closer though they melted thru our skins and into each other. She lingers there still. I miss that little bird.