Thursday, May 09, 2002

A Fragmented Garden

At the beginning of this semester I wrote a short story. It's called A Fragmented Garden. I think I am done with it for now. There are many things I need to add. It has the potential of being a full-fledged novel. I have a lot of ideas on what to add to lengthen the story and make it more interesting. I can't tell if it is any good. Input please (only if you have good things to say). It's really a couple of dreams and ideas spliced together resembling a story.

I must add the fisherman and soldier’s stories. They are crucial. I'm just too lazy to churn them out. Just know that they rejected the interior of the garden by committing suicide. I must also describe in detail the interior of the garden and who exactly resides there.

Items to note:
Why a garden?
The significance of the tree.
The speed at which the sages arrive at the tree.
How old are the sages.
The two growing children and the apple tree.
How many sages are there? Are you sure?
How many people are really in the garden.
What is the interior of the garden? Who lives there?
What is this story really about???