Wednesday, May 01, 2002

I can read minds

I had this dream two nights ago where I could read people's minds. I was confined to some compound with all these other kids varying in age. I could only read the minds of a select few - the phonies, people who say and do one thing but mean another. In this dream these phonies wanted to do me harm by trying to set me up. The leaders in charge of this camp saw me as a threat somehow by my direct attitude, no phony am I, and of course were jealous of my dashing good looks. One incident was when this girl who was in cahoots with these leaders tried to volunteer me to be in charge of this concession stand where it would be arranged that I would be blamed for theft of the concession stands profits. She could not fool me because I read her mind and told her to blow off. Another incident was when the leaders tried to set me up and blame me for sabotaging this room of refrigerators where we kept our food supply. Of course, I could read their minds and outsmarted them by not showing up when they were expecting me. Finally, they stopped their deceiving ways of trying to set me up and in more direct fashion unleashed their dog on me who ripped me to shreds.