Saturday, May 04, 2002

In a liquid prison

I had a dream last night. I was trapped in my grade school by a swarm of black locusts. While they slept in one classroom I could walk about the school without upsetting them, but if I were to cross the street a proximity alarm would sound and the swarm would become riled up and transform into this black muck - almost like a black oil-like liquid. They would chase me and envelop me in their liquid prison and I too would become a part of their collective black mire. Once I was trapped they would travel back to the school and I would become my regular self and the swarm would go back to sleep.

I cannot recall how but one time I tried running away and crossed the street without the proximity alarm going off. I ran into this strange diner where on one side of the establishment there were your regular diners sitting at their tables eating their meals and on the other side of the diner was the register and behind the counter was a showcase of rifles for sale. The gun store/diner employee that manned the register was awfully crazy and temperamental. For some reason I got my jollies off of making fun of him, but instead of harming me he took one of his rifles and shot a patron in the head who was sitting at a table eating his meal.

I walked out after this encounter with this girl who was very pretty with short curly brown hair. She gave me a big hug outside of the store. She was with some other guy and at this point I noticed that all three of us were filthy, dirty, and disheveled. It would seem that the three of us were transients. As she gave me a hug she whispered in my ear that she was pregnant and I could feel that she indeed had a slight paunch in her belly. We walked off towards a movie theatre and tried sneaking our way in by this secret underground passage known by the third transient male. All that I can remember is that I was content.