Tuesday, May 07, 2002

When to stop watering a dead plant

There is this plant. It sits outside all year round taking in the luxuries of the Arizona sun. It died last winter. For good measure my roommate’s dog ripped it from its abode and I found it lying naked, roots exposed, lifeless. I still water this plant. Part of me believes it will resurrect itself. This is why I still water the dead stick. That is all it is – a dead stick, no leaves and no buds. Shanna gave me this plant many years ago for a birthday. It has sentimental value.

If by some miracle this plant were to blossom again, if just one leaf were to sprout from its withered fingers, I believe that this would be my signal for me to accept Shanna’s death. She died six months before I started working at the rec center. During those six months I lost sixty pounds. I ran and ran for those six months needing something to do. Part of me is still running. I don't know when I am supposed to stop watering.