Saturday, August 03, 2002

The girl with brown hair curls

Last night I was fortunate to have enjoyed the company of one mesmeric girl with brown hair curls. As a matter of description, she stands yay high with hazel brown eyes and flecks of green that venture to the forefront in the proper lighting and mood. However, her definitive characteristic if one must be named is the genteel pretense she displays to conceal her true and naughty nature. If I am to be corrupted, I need not seek more suitable hands for the job.

We talked thru the night and into the early morning. I had a lot of fun with her. I like spending time with her and maybe we will get to hang out once in a while. I like that I can be myself around her and not feel any expectations weighing me down for once.

Also, for a matter of record, she cannot whistle.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Semifinal game

Holy fucking cow! We beat the Terminators 10-8, the perennial defending champs. Everyone in the league hates this team with a passion and everyone was rooting for us to win. Going into the game I did not think we would be able to pull it off and I’m guessing it was the unspoken sentiment shared by the rest of the team. We were shutting them out the entire game when our defense collapsed and they scored all their runs in a late game flurry, but we held on.

I stayed to watch the second game to see who would play us for the championship. I was rooting for the Sluggers to win but I knew that their defense was suspect and it showed as the Falcons beat them 13-5. The Falcons have a very well rounded team. We beat them at the very beginning of the season. I think we might be able to pull this off. We play monday night.

In other news … it looks like I found a new home. I am going to check the place out tomorrow. If it checks out, I will be moving in with Jeanne, the director of fitness at the rec center where I work. I don’t know how old she is but she is really hot for her age. She keeps herself in great shape. The other roommate will be one of her fitness instructors. I will be leaving a testosterone filled home for an estrogen laden one. The place sounds too good to be true. It is a minute’s walk from the main campus, the business college, and the medical center where my new job will be. Jeanne really has me salivating as she described the house. Plus, the big incentive is that she says she is a great cook and loves to cook all the time. Oh yeah! Home cooking by a female. I have not had that in years.

I cannot believe my run of good luck lately. My new job. A hefty raise at my current job. My softball team doing well. A great new home. And last but not least … Amy, that delectable little tart.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Quarterfinal game

We won 10-4 against the P&T Cruisers. It was a very close game until the last inning when we scored a bunch of insurance runs. I did not play so well. I started the game with the first run batted in, giving us a 1-0 lead. After that, I only had one good hit when nobody was on base - I did come around to score, but that was it on my part. For the semifinal game we will probably face off against the Terminators, our most hated rivals.

If you are reading this Ryan, it means I need you to cover for me again at work tomorrow. I owe you big. La Salsa is on me. We must go soon. I want some now. So hungry in the tummy [sad face]. Amy, if you want, you can come too, but I know my girl likes Indian food and barbecue sauce and whipped cream (in that order).

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Playoffs first round

Prior to game time, Omar and me were frantically trying to get a team together and for a while it was looking hopeless. Two of our best guys are out of town and at the last minute we had two people cancel on us. We were barely able to get enough people to come out and we actually fielded a very good team. We will have the same team tomorrow. We won 27-5 against Division By Zero. Game called due to the mercy rule. I hope we can make it thru the preliminary rounds and get to the championship game because then we will have three of our best back in town. I was absolutely ripping the ball today. I got some oohs and ahs which is always nice to hear.

I got the job

I don’t understand. What do you mean I am qualified for the position? As I was exiting the job interview I was certain that I would not get the job. It was the worst interview I have ever been in. I could not answer most of the questions. I think it was because, oh I don’t know, maybe having something to do with not being qualified for the job. That’s what I thought, but it would seem that I got it. I wanted the job going into the interview but now I am hesitant to take it for fear I am going to make a fool of myself, because you see, I am not qualified. I thought I made that perfectly clear in the interview. You know that process by which all unworthy candidates are eliminated from consideration.

I guess I should take the job. It’s the first job I will have had that is relevant to my field of study. I will learn a lot, the biggest reason for me taking the position. I will be working as computer support for the college of public health here at the University of Arizona.

Playoffs start today

Judging by the dream I had last night I think I am ready to play some ball today. For years I have had the most frustrating dreams where I have attempted to get to the ballpark only to be thwarted by a variety of mishaps that prevent me from getting there. Were I to eventually arrive at the ballpark I usually find that I am too late and the game is over or many times I can remember getting there only to find that I can’t play because I don’t have my uniform, equipment, or because I signed up too late to play. I am obsessed with playing ball and for years my dreams would mock me. Even though this is only a softball league, I am getting pumped up to play. I think I am going to shave my head today to get my game face on. I know Amy likes me with hair, but just this last time, and after the season is done I will grow it back.

In my dream last night, the van I was being bussed to the game in crashed right thru the glass window of a law firm. I was to find out that we had purposefully crashed for my benefit. I was having a joke played on me for a candid camera show. After that episode, I drove in my own car with a friend. My friend wanted to get something to drink from a convenience store and on our return to the car crocodiles attacked us. Calling for help, some guy comes up with a shotgun and blows the bloody crocs away. Off to the game I go. Nothing is going to distract me now. Ooh! Look at the pretty flowers.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Horoscope observation

“This could turn out to be the kind of day when you feel like enjoying a certain amount of time alone. This could offer you the chance for a little self-examination and you might encounter some interesting discoveries before the day is through. Try to remain positive when it comes to dealing with any sort of domestic matters today.”

Thus spoke horoscope. Well, that’s what I did today after work this morning.

Spent some time alone thinking …
Who loves me? Who loves me not? Damn you even-numbered petalled flower! Why is the moon blue? Why do monkeys mock me? What demand would there be if I invented chocolate cheese? When am I going to use up all the exposures of my camera so I can take it in to be developed? I wonder if Amy is game for some picture taking [wink wink]?

Interesting discoveries …
I have a large and hefty sized penis growing from the area of my groin.

Domestic matters …
My cat [Mr. Bombadil] laid a mammoth piece of crap on my floor. Hard to stay positive about that one until upon close examination it was only a brown pantyhose legging strewn in the shape of a serious piece of kitty bowel movement. I was a little worried about my poor cat having passed such a crap. What a relief that it was not. Don’t ask me why I own pantyhose. I’m not a freak I tell you. For all the sick freaks out there, I am sorry if I may have offended you.

You are always apt for random observations and bland prognostications Mr. horoscope. Why couldn’t you have told me that I should have avoided my last job interview so that I could have saved myself some embarrassment? Or, when are you going to tell me something interesting like when am I going to get my next handjob?