Friday, November 26, 2004

countdown to the new year begins

Who is going to give me my New Year's kiss? I started the year dating four girls at once, then I got back with the girl with the brown hair curls, and next I hooked up with one of my best friend’s a couple times and chased after her to Chicago during the Halloween weekend. Now I’m back to square one.

My most recent female interest was peculiar. Her name was Sarah. Beaming blue eyes and the dimples to match. As hot as they come. The last time I talked with her was prior to the police academy. Nothing noteworthy. I knew she had a longstanding boyfriend.

After I graduated from the academy I saw her watching from the sidelines at one of my football games. I didn’t talk with her and after the game my friend Omar tells me that she came to watch me but was too shy to approach. He tells me that she broke up with her boyfriend and was asking about me. Not only that but he tells me that she has had a big crush on me.

Then the story is substantiated by two other friends who knew that she liked me … thanks you miserable wingmen, you’re supposed to tell me right away. That’s why a girl will tell the friends because she wants the boy to know. Didn’t they go to high school?

I’m like okay … great … if she’s too shy to talk to me I’ll talk to her. I phone her a couple of times and think we are hitting it off fabulously. I’m thinking I was very charming and witty. Then, I drunk dial her from Chicago (did she know why I was there) and stop hearing from her.

Damn … I need a girl if for only one purpose ... my New Year's Eve kiss. I’ve written about it before. I have the worst luck during this one day of the year. Of all the girlfriends I have had during this time I have never received a New Year’s kiss. Bad luck and circumstances have prevented me from getting mine. You may say what is the big deal, but I put a lot of stock in this kiss. Part of me believes there may be a reason. Maybe the girl I kiss on that fateful eve will be the one.

Past Reminiscing

Dreaming of a little yellow bird.

I miss her hugs.

A poisonous toad lives in my belly.

I water dead plants.

I love a girl with brown hair curls.

I want to be the source of all evil.

I want to be elected your god.

Dreamt I was a guardian angel.

I can read minds.

I had an unusual childhood friend.