Saturday, November 20, 2004

Cranberry Splash

Last night the girl with the brown hair curls joined me for coffee and a movie (The Incredibles). I told her that before I had picked her up I had had a cranberry splash from Eegee’s, a local phenomenon of frozen fruit slush’s. Every month they have a flavor of the month and every year for the past 7 years without fail I eagerly look forward to November’s for my favorite, Cranberry Splash.

It’s a tradition I started with an old girlfriend. I love traditions and this is one of my favorites. It brings back warm fuzzy memories.

Well, the girl with the brown hair curls remembered that this was my month and was eager to share an Eegee after the movie and thought it would be fun to spike it with Sangria. My eyes lit up when I heard that … without fail once we drink Sangria the carnal fun is sure to follow.

However, I should have stocked up prior to the movie because once we got out it dawned on me that the restaurant was closed and we were too tired to do anything but get a quick bite to eat.