Friday, November 19, 2004


Opinions, everyone has one right?

I try hard to steer away from them. However, I do have some. It is hard to preclude them from forming. I believe cats are cute. I believe that babies have the potential to become well-adjusted adults. And if there is one strong opinion I do embrace it is the fact that I don't like vegetables. I like to keep it simple, opinions that others may agree or disagree upon easily. Dogs, pedophiles, and vegetarians may disagree and that’s fine … well … except for you fucking pedophiles.

I’ll play the devil’s advocate and do a good job of it, aggravating people to no end but in the end I really don’t care which seems to aggravate people more once they find out I didn’t care in the first place. I find it strange that people are so enthusiastic about needing an opinion for just about everything and trying to thrust them onto others. Is it really so worthwhile an endeavor to strain oneself over such mind numbing activities?

I could never become a politician, but I applaud those who care enough to fight the good fight in my stead of unassuming indifference. In the meantime I will be attempting to have fun while you ponder such difficulties of political thought.

I have no strong opinions other than I don't think people should hurt me, forgiveness and patience are virtues, and if I think you are hot then you should have sex with me.

Uh uh uh … don't try to get out of this one, it is my strong belief that you should let me ... Damm it! What must I do to change your mind?